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Our Purpose
To satisfy all your property management needs.


About Us

Why we started this?

Real estate investment is one of the safest mode of wealth creation. So, from the generations, investors keep their major chunk of money in real estate. And since decades city of Ahmedabad has been a land of opportunity for businesses and wealth creation in real estate. Last year Ahmedabad real estate market received a second-highest CAGR of 9% YoY in India. Because of this real estate market of Ahmedabad become NRI’s and individual real estate investors one of the favourite choice for investment.


As all of us know that good wealth-creation instruments like real estate require gentle care, and continuous maintenance & to give good returns. And good operation and maintenance of real estate is very crucial. But investors often face very common issues like misleading advice for maintenance practices, missing recurring statutory authorities’ payments which turn into major overdue charges, higher brokerage payments for tenants, lack of legal advice to keep tenants or handle properties turn into settlement loss or in worst case scenario loss of property.


Also, on the other hands, major migration of people is occurring in Ahmedabad which absorbs the real estate rental demand but they are also facing the issues like higher brokerage charges to find suitable required properties, paying higher rent for not well-maintained properties, missing the professional help to overcome regular maintenance problems, facing clashes with property owners because of unclear agreement terms etc.


All such types of problem one way or other way have been faced by our founders’ friends and family members. So, to help them our founders have started extra hours work helping them in maintaining real estate properties at best possible manner. But after working for almost one year our founders have identified that there is lack of honesty & scarcity of professionals for this work. In developed western countries such as USA, Canada has a property management firm to solve all these problems but in India there is no such thing for individual real estate investors, those who are present is majorly working for big corporates or major financial instruments.


So, to fulfil this market gap and to professionally serve the real estate investor in property management sector with best possible operation and maintenance practices with local advice of Ahmedabad city our founders have founded PYP Real Estate Consultants LLP in July of 2022. And Park Your Property brand is created under PYP Real Estate Consultants LLP.

Park Your Property brand name itself explains our motto that just gives us all your property management-related hassle and relax. Our brand aims to solve all investors property management related issue under one umbrella of our service. This Start-Up venture is started by our founders with aim to introduce property management service in this Ahmedabad Real Estate market.

Our brand aims to serve NRI & Individual investors whose invested property is far away to their permanent residence. As we are located in Ahmedabad and understand local market in better manner, we aim to provide best trust-worthy property management service. We want be a bridge which connects investors to their property assets.

At Park Your Property our aim is to present best blend of services at the most affordable rates likewise maintaining standards of big corporate property/facility management firms. We aim for investors that with our property management practices help them to generate good rental revenue and great wealth creation on sell of invested property.

While being a professional helping hand to property investors we also want to help people moving in metro cities like Ahmedabad to get best value for money rented homes.

What causes our business serves?

Our Core Values

Candour is at the core of our values. We domesticate this value first for our employees and then for our clients. This helps us in acquiring the best talent & get top-notch productivity for our clients.

Our values lay its foundation on the satisfying best interest for property investors & helping them to create wealth with real estate. At Park Your Property we strongly believe in Karma so honesty, transparency & loyalty are always coming first for our clients.

We strongly want to bring honesty & right piece of advice for anyone who comes to us for business or just comes for inquiry also. Our values do not exist to serve a piece of paper. Every single day, we adhere to it.









Continous Improvement

“Price is what you pay & Value is what you get” Warren Buffett.

Our Leadership


Urva Pramodbhai Patel 

CEO | Founder

Urva Patel is born and brought up in Ahmedabad. He holds a degree in Bachelor in Construction Technology from CEPT University. After receiving his bachelor's degree, he worked for a start-up that provides construction services in the USA, where he led the proposal department for nearly two years. During this time, he with his father Mr. Pramod Patel used to assist friends and family members in maintaining real estate properties, but they soon realized that there is a lack of integrity and a scarcity of people who give correct advice, so after closely confronting this problem, they decided to start property management work professionally and began working on this idea, in March 2022 and registered the company in July 2022. In November 2022, he launched the brand Park Your Property with the goal of assisting investors by delivering top-tier property management services with the best industry knowledge.

Our Vision

Park Your Property has a clear vision to introduce best-in-class property management practices in the Ahmedabad real estate market while keeping the customer's best interest at the center.

We want to reduce the hassle of investors & put a large number of empty houses to optimum use for migrating tenants with our expertise.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, easily accessible property management and rental management services that meet the emerging needs of real estate investors.

Park Your Property wants to make realty easy to manage in reality by making it managed by us. 

Need someone to know more

Are you facing a challenge in maintaining your real estate property? Want to know how we can simplify your hassle? 

Just click the button below & drop us a message and we will try to reach you ASAP…

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