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Property Management 

We Simplify, Automize, & Optimize the Hassle of Managing Property.

We know what you're looking for

In the majority of real estate projects in Ahmedabad investors book around 20-30% units for investment perspective how ever these numbers significantly increase in the commercial real estate market. All investors invest their money in the real estate market with a common goal of wealth creation. This wealth can be only seen after the resale of purchased properties. However, during the time of holding properties due to a lack of O&M practice & lack of knowledge of local market trends, rules & regulations, often leading investors to lower rental revenue and wealth creation in their invested properties. 

As majority of the time, a lack in knowledge of the above practices leads to unmaintained and vacant properties which also require major efforts to resale. That’s why people are in search of property managers to maintain real estate assets which also help them in good wealth creation.

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How we solve your problem

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To manage your property, we offer best-in-class property management practices in the Ahmedabad real estate sector. We provide a one-stop solution for all your property needs. Our unique property management practices with a team of expert property managers understand the market requirements and always try to add more value than our service price. 

​Primarily we offer subscription-based fix property management practices that can help properties generate maximum rental revenue. However, our property managers can help you in the most customizable way which can turn your property management hassle into fortune (joy) of wealth creation.  

How its work


Consult with our representatives & tell us about your property


Property inspection & identification of verified tenants

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Complete legal formalities & handover property to tenants & enjoy monthly rent

Services We Offer

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We aim for your wealth creation from the invested property by maintaining it at its best with our bunch of services specifically designed for real estate property management. 

Plans and


We have crafted our service policies, plans & pricing keeping investors' interest at the center. As per the requirement, we also offer customizable plans to match your needs.

How Payment is Charged





Once you select the service our team will send a payment link for fix refundable deposit with all details.

Once the deposit payment is made you will receive a payment confirmation and our operations team will start working on your property as the selected service.

Once the service contract is signed & property is rented out you will receive monthly rent after deducting our service charge directly to your bank account.

Value Addition

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  1. Our team will always try to generate the maximum return revenue for all clients with their industry expertise. 

  2. Our dedicated team will turn your property into a home for coming tenants.

  3. We continuously try to improve our service based on your constant feedback.

" We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest. "– Warren Buffet

Benefits of using our service

  1. One-stop solution for your property. 

  2. Dedicated full-time property manager & support of a professional team for your property.

  3. We provide the most trustable & verified tenants.

  4. Regular inspection will help your property to maintain in a better manner.

  5. Professional & new age thinking for property management.

  6. The highest level of transparency and easy communication makes your life easy to maintain your property.

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