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We always aim to deliver value that exceeds the cost of our services.

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What We Offer   

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3. Assigned Property Manager

We assigned a dedicated property manager to your property for ease of communication & to look after the property in a better manner. Assigned property manger will handle the tenant communication until property is handed over to tenant. 

2. Property Documentation Along with Photographs

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When you subscribe to our service our dedicated team will visit your property and document overall property along with photographs to find best suitable tenants to your property.  This documentation will be also handed over to you for future references.

5. Property Insurance 

We strongly believe that, it is our top priority to protect your real estate property from any uncertain factors such as fire, burglary, earthquake, stom, floods etc. Insurance cover up to 10 lakhs rs will be included in the service package selected. 

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4. Rent Agreement & Police Verification

Our dedicated team will handle the overall process of the rent agreement and ensure that it will comply with all local jurisdiction norms & conditions discussed with tenants. Police verification of each tenant will be also done by our team.

1. Connect with Verified Tenants

Our team will connect you with only verified tenants. Profile of interested tenants will be shared with you. Total 5 verified tenants profiled will be shared. Replacement of tenant will be based on the selected service package. 

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6. Regular Property Update 

Our assigned property manager will provide regular updates of your property with photographs. Property updates may include the reminders for property related bills, amendments in rules of society or local authorities, introduction of new working methodology etc. 

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8. Periodic Property Inspection 

Assigned property manager will inspect your property on a regular basis for tenant verification, illegal activities, and property condition.  

9.  Housekeeping 


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Our expert team will clean your property before handing over to tenant. We will also offer on request cleaning of property. Customize property cleaning & maintenance service is also available on demand. 

7. Handling of Property Annual Compliance


Before handling property to any tenant we also proof check property legal liabilities such as pending tax payments, light payments etc as this is necessary to prevent clashes. In customize plan we also manage everyday legal hassle of property.

10. HVAC &

Carpentry Work



Our team of expert workers will take of all HVAC related work. On request AMC contract will be also taken for property. In commercial property furniture also require major maintenance, that will be also taken care by our team on request. 

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12. Interior Design Consultation

We have associated firm purely dedicated to interior designing work with team of expert interior designers. We only do turnkey projects and if our client requires we can improve the interior of any property without any additional consultation charge. 

11. Property Plumbing and Electrical Inspection


We will assign dedicated electrical & plumbing team for your property. They will inspect the condition of electrical and plumbing lines & fixtures when you hand it over your property to us and at regular interval. Report & recommendations will be also given after every inspection. 

13. Property Name Change & Legal Work

We provide all type of legal services with additional charges. We have associated with many legal firms who manages our majority of legal works. Along with that we have our in-house team who handle the name change procedure. We offer this service at minimal additional price. 

14. Property Legal Valuation 

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To mortgage property, valuation with certified valuers is mandatory. We have tie ups with Gujarat top valuer firms through we offer this service to our clients. 

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15. On Request Property Related Service 

Incase property investor required specific service then also we provide it on request basis. This service might include property sale,  property investment advice, handling society formalities etc.

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